We carefully plan before we build. Our goal is to create a structure that is harmoniously integrated into its surrounding location, balancing design, functionality, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Comprehensive planning and design are the fundamentals to crafting a beautiful building that both the homeowner and builder can take pride in.

Our priority is working closely with clients from the original concept to the finished details. Collaboration and good communication between all invested parties starting from phase one ensures the best outcome for any project.

We manage the logistical process, sourcing complete architectural and structural drawings that meet engineering requirements and handling the permitting process with the associated municipality. We can also schedule and oversee each trade as they complete their role in the project, from electrical to turn-key details.

We also offer the incorporation of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) into the design of your project. The PHPP is recommended as a fundamental tool for designing and building an energy-efficient construction. The program encompasses the specifics of your design location, including; climate, building geometry, building-assembly specifications, and the heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and all other energy uses within the building.

We can improve the energy efficiency of your existing building to reduce costs, improve comfort, and help protect the environment.

Many Canadian houses built before the 1980s are improperly insulated, resulting in uncomfortable drafts and high energy bills. Since 2010, building codes have upgraded insulation and air-tightness standards.

Even if you have an older home, we can retrofit the building to preserve the character of the structure while improving the performance. A well-insulated house will help protect you against future energy cost increases and will contribute to the overall value of your home.

We can advise you on what is best for your particular situation, as every structure has different needs

The timber-frame method has withstood the test of time and is valued as a design that showcases strength and beauty.

Timberframe homes offer several benefits to homeowners beyond visual qualities, including energy efficiency and durability. A design that combines large timbers and structural insulated panels result in a sealed building with practically no heat exchange between the interior and exterior walls. By using superior building materials and mortise-and-tenon joint design, we ensure the frame has maximum structural soundness and durability. Timber-frame structures can withstand great amounts of pressure and natural disasters and are highly fire resistant.

The possibilities for customization are endless, and timber-frame designs can highlight desirable elements, such as natural light, space, and flow. Because of the remarkable strength of the frame, interior load-bearing walls are unnecessary, allowing for large, open spaces and an abundance of windows. Walls can be placed virtually anywhere to create spaces within the building, and the insulation panels between timbers can be covered in drywall, resulting in consistent, straight walls that facilitate décor while showcasing the majesty of the timber.

We custom build kitchens, cabinets, countertops, and doors to our clients’ specifications and needs right here in our shop, located in Alcove, Quebec

My experience with Maisons Chicoine Homes was excellent. I worked with the staff to plan a 20X27 foot timber frame cottage. From The initial planning stages, Ben, Karina and Scott work through various options that include site plans, environmental considerations and cost considerations and provide alternatives to correct concerns in any of these areas. They showed professionalism and patience in dealing with me during the planning changes as plans changed on numerous occasions. Once the plan was final they quickly got to work on the large timber used for this project. On site, assembly began as planned and they were finished and off the site faster than I could have imagined.
It was a pleasure working with Ben, Karina, Scott and the rest of the crew at Maisons Chicoine Homes. I highly recommend them for any of your project needs.
— James Tickell – Timber Frame Kit
Maison Chicoine built us a 3000square foot intergenerational home. It is unique and beautiful modern custom home focusing on efficiency and simplicity. A one of a kind timber- frame with rammed earth technology; it is an amazing home to live in. We felt we took a risk on a newer contractor/business and were thrilled with this skilled team’s results.
— Juniper Farm – Rammed Earth Home
Ben and his team of young, eager, and energetic carpenters realized the renovation of a simple cottage on the banks of the Gatineau and turned it into a unique and charming house with endless details highlighting their craftsmanship. An architectural challenge including cantilevered bridges and decks combined with recycled beams from older buildings presented no issues for the team. The project was well managed in spite of the usual logistical issues inherent in renovations and the client was more than pleased with the final results. This house has been published twice in magazines and is a further testament to the product Maisons Chicoine Homes is capable of delivering on time and on budget. I would recommend this company highly for any handcrafted project you have in mind.
— Dawson Architecture – Cantilever Home
The team of builders provided a friendly and excellent service to me over a 10 month period tearing down an existing structure and replacing the old with a new design build. The team collaborated well with the architect/designer delivering an exceptional product. I profile this beautiful house as an architectural gem on the banks of the Gatineau River – industrial chic, east meets west in design. The project was completed on time, with expertise, high-quality workmanship and good humour.
— Dianne Rogers – Cantilever Home
We contracted MCH (Maison Chicoine Home) to help design and undertake fundamental renovations at Restaurant Les Fougères in late 2015. The bold design ideas which MCH brought to the table so thoroughly expressed our vision of a dining space which resonated our natural surroundings and the renovations themselves were undertaken and executed with craftsmanship and integrity. We can not say enough about Ben Chicoine and his team – we were under a very tight deadline which they met and moreover, they poured their passion and talent into every task. We feel very privileged to have had MCH undertake our renovations – their work ethic, innovative thinking and artistry were extraordinary and we can truly say we feel we have been left with a space which is highly functional as well as beautiful.
— Les Fougères – Renovation Project